Weather or Whether to or Not?

As typically can happen in Chicago- the last few days have fluctuated between warm sunny and cool, drizzly rain.   Sometimes the rain has been a little more intense.  While thinking about the weather it struck me that, back in my younger days of golf passion, I realized something interesting.  I found out that I usually shot better rounds on overcast days with moisture in the air and drizzling all around me- then on hot and sunny days.   I have to admit it bummed me out the first few times the weather was not gorgeous when I took to the links.  My naivety led me to believe that I could not enjoy myself without warm sunshine.

I don’t remember the specific moment I decided to risk weather play, but I remember discovering that the cooler wet weather helped my endurance during the round.  I also remember that I could, for some unexplained reason, see the ball better when addressing a shot and hitting it more cleanly and crisply than other golf rounds.

So what is the point of this explanation?  Certainly not to discuss golf.  Rather to challenge the reader to step out of your comfort zone and accept the possibilities instead of fearing the improbabilities.

The real question to ask is not about the weather, but whether or not you are going to step out of your comfort zone and try something that pushes your boundaries.

Your boundary breaker (B-Breaker) could be something in your personal life – as simple as trying a new food that is good for you but was never appealing.  Or starting an exercise program that you found appalling but once you get it going, you may see benefits never imagined.

Our your B-Breaker could also be something in your business or professional life.  For example, try developing a new product or service line that may seem marginal from a numbers standpoint.  You and your team have looked at the data, done the analysis, but it just does not look like a winner.  But consider there may be something that you have overlooked.  Something you did not anticipate.  There almost always is something you do not expect.

Remember the only constant in life is change.  Embrace change and try to challenge your comfort boundaries.  You might be surprised.


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