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As you can imagine, if you are of my generation, growing up in Plano, Il during the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s was a wonderful experience.  At least now looking back it seems that way.  Time has a way of doing that sort of thing.  Time will take the dull, mundane and boring and through the magic of nostalgia- becomes happy and pleasing memories.  I admit as I grew up and moved through my 20’s and began to work in the west Chicago suburbs I missed the more simple times, fewer people, less traffic- slower pace.  I missed the ability to drive 20 miles in 20 minutes.  In the suburbs, 5 mile drives took 20 to 30 minutes.

Growing up in Plano, at a time when the population was about 4,700, (now the population is greater than 10,000) you did not necessarily know everyone in the community, but you knew family names.  One of the things I learned to value quickly in the suburbs is a certain anonymity because of the sheer greater number of people.  Another thing of value in suburbia is access to “things”.   Stores galore!   I am not one who enjoys shopping but the amount of retail, and the brand name store density is something that I quickly grew to enjoy.

And so it is, or so it has become a suburbanite……..something I never thought possible.



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